Swedish Media Publishers’ Association

The Swedish Media Publishers’ Association (Tidningsutgivarna in Swedish, or TU for short) is the trade association for Sweden’s newspapers and other media companies.

The over 100 members throughout Sweden publish newspapers and editorial sites, operate sales companies, broadcast TV and radio, and so on.

The Swedish Media Publishers’ Association is one of the founders and main financiers of the Media Ombudsman (MO) and the Media Council (MON), the independent self-disciplinary bodies which deals with complaints about the editorial content of newspapers, magazines, broadcast media and their websites, as well as social media.

The Association’s work includes participating in the public debate, as well as formulating and putting forward questions and announcements of importance to the media industry.

The Swedish Media Publishers’ Association also offers comprehensive legal advice and service to its members on different matters.

The office is situated in Stockholm, where eight employees are working in law, marketing, information, and administration.
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The Swedish Media Publishers’ Association
– safeguards the independence and reputation of the press and media, the public’s right to information, and the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression and the press;
– helps strengthen its members’ position as advertising and information media;
– promotes its members’ common interests in issues surrounding the media industry; and
– represents its members in issues of common interest vis-à-vis the government, authorities and other organizations, as well as in international contexts.

Swedish Media Market
The situation in Sweden is similar to that in many countries, where the media scene is undergoing significant change and competition is extremely strong.

Sweden has a large number of newspapers and magazines. There are about 160 newspapers with a total circulation of millions.

Tidningsutgivarna Board 2023

Anders Eriksson, chairperson of the board, Bonnier News
Lina Hedenström, vice chairperson, NTM
Fredric Karén, vice chairperson, Schibsted
Christofer Ahlqvist, Göteborgs-Posten
Jennifer Berger, Bonnier News
Lotta Edling, Bonnier News
Mats Ehnbom, Gota Media
Karin Henriksson, Kungälvs-Posten
Thomas Mattsson, Bonnier News
Jimmie Näslund, VK Media
Nils Olauson, NTM
Pia Rehnquist, Bonnier News Local
Mikael Rothsten, NWT
Felicia Ferreira, deputy, Dagen
Anna Sööder, deputy, Schibsted

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Johan Taubert, CEO
+46 (0)76 545 24 05

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